Friday, January 19, 2007

Broken pen fist

One of my heroes, Broken Sword (from 'Hero') was (oddly enough) named after his broken sword. My blog musings were brought to a sudden standstill last Easter by a broken fist. Unlike broken sword I couldn't use my primary tool of interaction with the world at all for a good couple of months. And like any good habit (or bad habit for that matter) that is broken; it tends to stay broken for a good, long time.

So I'm back. My fist is back in action, swinging back and forth across the keyboard (stop those filthy thoughts now those who are having them). And I get back to giving a public airing to some of the musings (and venting a few spleens) that cross my mind and give myself a chance to catalogue some of them before they disappear into the ether.

A lot's happened since my last post. I resigned from Ufi/learndirect. Carrie is out of my life (and good riddance). Orla is now in my life (beautiful Irish ice-skating girl) and it's definitely a better life for that fact. Ema is now studying in London and she's lovelier than ever. I'm working on my PhD proposal and seeking funding. I'm also now working at the Home Office. I'm sure that surprises a few people. What won't surprise a few people is that a(nother) resignation is on the horizon already...... more anon!