Thursday, April 14, 2011


Looks like LPUK (the Libertarian Party of the UK) has become nothing short of a full on liability to have anything to do with.

Read the whole distressing and profoundly disappointing story over at Anna's place.

Aside from feeling completely crushed by this I think it also goes without saying that I won't be renewing my membership of the party.

What a complete and utter tragedy for both Anna and family and the hopes,dreams and energy of everyone who got involved with the party.


Mongo said...

What a mess eh?,

It`ll take the Libertarian movement a long time to recover any credibility I reckon, which is a shame!

Who are the two bloggers who harassed her, any idea?

Katabasis said...

It's awful Mongo.

And a real shame because I've met so many great, upstanding people since being involved in the party - it was at least a lightning rod for them for a while and we may never have met otherwise. All of those people have been let down too.

I'm pretty sure the bloggers she is talking about are boatang and demetriou.

RantinRab said...

Or as I like to call them, Boring and Demented. Although I'm convinced there is only the one of 'them'.

Anonymous said...

Boring and Demented, you mean Jekyl and Hyde, one in the same.

Mongo said...


I`ve been over to 'their' place (boring and demented) for a look see and said ello!, on 'their' passed form I`m anticipating some abuse lol.

andy janes said...

While the accusations are very serious and troubling, remember we have only heard one side of this.

Andrew is innocent until proven otherwise.

Roger Thornhill said...

To be honest, I have been utterly amazed at the number of self-professed libertarians who have jumped onto one side of the story and taken it as gospel.

Has the concept of Rule of Law, you know, due process, bypassed the planet they inhabit?

For shame.

Katabasis said...

@Andy and Roger

You are of course, right.

However, whichever way this turns out the result is going to be unpleasant. The prospect that Anna is lying is almost as disturbing as the allegations against Andrew being true.

Mongo said...

@ Andy/Roger,

Time to man up and smell the coffee, the guys a fraud and the Libertarians are infested with the deranged.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Very sad reading.

I grew suspicious of Mr. Withers a while ago, it wasn't his paranoia about Mandy but a post in which he defended the 'rights' of a bunch of nutters in Australia who were skateboarding on a fairly bust stretch of motorway.

He obviously did not grasp there is a difference between personal liberty (with the responsibility that demands) and complete effing selfishness.

Trooper Thompson said...

I don't expect anyone at this precise moment to be renewing their membership, but as mine's not up for some time, I'll get my money's worth. Maybe I'm perverse, but this is interesting. Scandal, power struggles - cool!

What I don't understand is what did libertarians who joined think was going to happen? Did you all think we would form a party and be immediately transmogrified into a slick election-winning machine?

Forming a libertarian party was *always* potentially a waste of time. That's no more true today than it was the day the party formed.

As for all the ex-members, I can understand if you've re-thought the original issue, and think a better strategy is joining the tories or UKIP, but if it's the case that you would join a vibrant libertarian party if it was big, and growing and going in the right direction, then take some individual responsibility and build that party. What's to lose?