Tuesday, September 27, 2011

People ask me why I don't trust the media...[Warning: Potty Mouth Post....]

HERE is why.

Be prepared for truly colossal weapons-grade fuckwittery.

"Here’s an upload of a video from a recent ITV documentary into Colonel Gaddhafi’s support of the IRA. It contains shocking footage of a helicopter being shot down using weapons allegedly supplied by that baddie.

Except. Umm. It’s actually ArmA 2."

Do go and read the whole thing. Your blood pressure will shoot up right about the point where the likely provenance of the video is pointed out.

ITV - if brains were dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow your fucking hat off. Unfortunately your Stupid is only the apex of the current media-class general cockpuppetfuckwittery.

I used to find the film 'Idiocracy' funny. I don't anymore.


tin foil hatter said...

I suspect that ITV knew it was fake but didn't really care. The sheeple will believe anything these days so why bother trying ? They must have got the footage from the original youtube video which showed the left hand drive cars and fake chopper on the ground etc.
Mind you the rest of the media are just the same. We've had the BBC 'Spitfire jet fighter ' story. The Daily Mirror fake soldier brutality pictures. And of course the fake 7/7 and 9/11 stories and pictures.

banned said...

No chance of ITN buying my live footage of Napoleons defeat at Waterloo I suppose?

tin foil hatter said...

Too late. They've bought my version where Montgomery took the field ;)
Faking stories is no impediment to a career in the meeja. It's only the sheeple who believe what comes out of the box in the corner.
The BBC reporter who made up the fake Spitfire jet story is now a 'senior defence correspondent. Piers Moron who published the fake soldiers in Iraq story went on to make millions in the fake X factor here and the in the US then took over Larry King's job on CNN.
The ITV guys will probably win a pulitzer prize for journalism. Johan Hari won the Orwell prize at The Independent after making up stories and even fake copies of himself for 10 years.

Dan Olner said...

This is another odd one. A fictional pre-scripting of the family's reactions. Bizarre. Via.