Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Orwellian breakdown of civil society in the UK

It had to happen eventually.

Myself or one of my friends would have to end up on the receiving end of one of these vendettas carried out by a nightmare family that most people only think could possibly exist in fiction like Eden Lake. Only it's not fiction is it. This happens to people daily across the UK who live in terror of their fellow "citizens" and are often left to suffer right up until the point someone is permanently injured or even killed.

He's a nice, well liked lad - an ex-soldier who always tries to do the right thing. Those of you who know me from Sheffield likely know him too. He was a Corp regular. He lives with his girlfriend and together their means are quite modest, so they live in "social" housing on one of Sheffield's less desirable estates. The cheaper rent enables them a few creature comforts - a few pets and a room for him to indulge in one of his favourite hobbies - making and painting airfix models.

Yet he has suffered a continual tirade of abuse, threats, assaults and damage to his property for over two years now from a family of neighbors who are - apparently -  above the law. He's done nothing to provoke it. He's just a big, distinctive looking lad trying to get by and mind his own business. As is usual in these kind of affairs, the council and police take less interest than they would in cleaning dogshit off the street. And - as always - this intimidation just continues to escalate.

He's gone out of his way to do the right thing over the last year - recording as many of these incidents as possible, whether with audio devices, videos, photos or keeping a diary of events. He has submitted this regularly to Sheffield City Council and the police, to be met with indifference at best and - unbelievably - outright hostility at worst. He's shown more patience and restraint than anything I think I could have endured without snapping.

About a week ago it started to come to a head. His girlfriend was badly beaten when on the way back from the local shop. She didn't even see her attackers and they didn't steal anything.

Then the night before last they put through the windows of their house and camper van.

Due to the escalating threats and violence, he installed a CCTV system and filmed them in the act. He has shared the images with a few of us and I post a sample up here with his permission:

They did this while they were in the house. The bricks apparently just missed the cats and dogs.

The only time they have received any direct assistance from the police is when they happened to be outside the house on one of the occasions when he was being abused by one of the neighbors. They gave her an £80 on the spot fine and she said - with police present - that she would "do something about it" and "didn't care about the cameras".

In some parts of the U.S. he could have rightfully shot these people. After the windows were smashed they of course phoned the police only to be told there was no one available to look for the perpetrators as they only had one car in the area. He has recorded evidence of them stating "we're going to firebomb you both".

Yet only now has the council moved, after she has been beaten and their windows have been put through and even then all they are offering to do is find them emergency housing with a month's wait. And apparently the cats and dogs can't come. PCSOs visited them last week and told them (also recorded) that they would not arrest the neighbors as "It would only make things worse". His girlfriend got a phone call from the police last night telling them to remove any gas bottles from the van or fuel cans, "they have had info its going to be firebombed". No police came to their assistance of course. As regular readers will know, South Yorkshire Police Farce will apparently only work fast when doormen are involved (an easy target, being licensed by the state), or a university technician who provides free anonymous web hosting. Everyone else can just go rot apparently.

And on that note, I wanted to briefly highlight two other recent occurences by contrast. Richard O'Dwyer is to be extradited to the U.S. to probably face 10 years in prison for "copyright infringement", only the basis of that accusation is extremely tenuous anyway. As many have noted previously, he set up a site that provided links to such content but did not host it itself. It's a dangerous precedent to have been set. And the extradition link is even more tenuous - the U.S. has laid claim to him because the domain name he used was registered with a U.S. based registrar. Meanwhile, a pub which has been trading under the name of 'The Hobbit' for two decades is now facing legal trouble because of - you guessed it - a copyright infringement claim.

Why do I mention these? It's to give consequence to the 'Orwellian' part of the blog title above. Our society has reached an unbearably kafkaesque stage where minor infractions of vagaries such as "copyright infringement" are vigorously pursued whilst people on the receiving end of threats, violence and outright property destruction are left to fend for themselves. That's when they're not being victimised under the guise of the European Arrest Warrant that is.

The situation I've outlined above simply cannot end well. It should never have reached this stage anyway, though there is almost certainly more to come. He has a few handy mates. Something will snap at some point and this will be dealt with the old fashioned way. At which point the victims and whoever comes to their defence will be blamed as per usual in this fucked up society that I no longer recognise.

Much of this scenario leaves me too speechless to comment further except to say one thing with certainty:

I do not want to grow old in this country.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

K: first comment appears to have gone into the ether, so if duplicated - apologies.

You state this chap is in 'social housing' in which case is there not a housing association involved? If so, what have they been doing as most have strict rules regarding ASB. If there is just don't tell me it is Riverside HA!

As to your other comments, I can but agree. I get the impression that people generally are p'd off with our society and especially those politicians who have created that society.

Just what it will take for them to 'blow' I know not but 'blow' they surely will, one day.

Katabasis said...

From what he's told me WfW, this family are regarded by both the local authority and the police as "too much trouble" to either arrest or move on.

Not sure what happened to your other comment - there's not one from you in the spam filter. Odd.

Izzy said...

Go to the media. The Daily Mail and Telegraph would cream their pants and hopefully the local authority would b embarrassed into doing something.

Katabasis said...

That's already been discussed Izzy. They don't want their faces plastered over some paper, especially given the tepid reaction from the "authorities", its possible their tormentors and friends could find them elsewhere in the city.

Trooper Thompson said...

It's sickening, especially as everyone knows how quick the police would move if your friend defended himself and his property as is his natural right.

Anonymous said...

Before anyone complains to the police about anything they need to tell them they're muslims or gay and point out it's a 'racist' of 'homophobic' attack - verbal, physical - whatever. The police will be all over that one! The Police have a point system and us ordinary, taxpaying, hetero, whities are right at the bottom of the list - in fact we're not even on the list. Brown people and poofs first and the rest of can fcuk off as far as TPTB are concerned. Unless they're forcing us to bend over to be shafted for more tax of course.


Paul said...

I had this sort of thing happen to me, so I can understand what these folks are going through. I send my condolences. In my case, the police were quite useless - as we should expect them to be - and advised me to move. The culprit as a victim - and the real victim as the one to be punished - is an idea out of Marxism, and that is why we see it deliberately implemented in the UK.

As I have previously explained elsewhere, we're seeing a new controlled social model where the people are kept poor and suppressed through their poverty, reliance on the welfare state, and also through the rampage of a sub-class which is devoid of morals (Christianity having deliberately been undermined for political reasons - lots of people enjoy this part, somehow).

The police are not supposed to protect you and your property anymore - don't expect them to. They, and the other authorities, are maintaining the Marxist cultural revolution (as the commenter David alluded to). Moreover, the security apparatus (overblown by tales of non-existent terrorism) is constructed to maintain the elite in a gated-community, safe from the hell on earth that the rest of us are subjected to.

This model is built through our tax dollars, and purchases of whatever the corporate-government has to sell, and our (not mine personally) votes for the LibLabCon fascists; people accede to and propel this social model - and a lot of them are quite ignorant of it. To deal with it has nothing to do with "blowing", but instead something possibly harder to do. To deal with it people need to quite deliberately stop acquiescing to the paradigm - stop propping it up.

Getting people to do this is difficult; in a country where people love to scrape and bow to, and try to become intellectually associated with a bunch of criminals who wear suits and flounce in and out of a fancy building on the banks of the Thames, it's hard to persuade people that they need to let go of the notions that are enslaving them.

Katabasis said...

Thanks for that comment Paul.

It touches on something that has been bothering me for sometime too - that most of those I still count as friends who are explicitly left-leaning are horrified when a 'cultural-marxism' policy is spelled out to them, but yet they seem to passively tolerate it in action even though they would claim to be distanced from it.

A good recent example is the heart-on-sleeve racism of figures such as Diane Abbott and Lee Jasper. Or UAF siding with the Islamists.

JuliaM mercilessly (and entertainingly) highlights many of these hypocrisies daily over at her blog.

john in cheshire said...

Is it possible that a national vigilante movement could be started, which could provide the necessary muscle to deal with the miscreants?

J said...

Isn't it still possible to sue people in the U.K.? I am in the U.S.

When these neighbors attack, your friend needs to go outside immediately with another person and a video camera. The other person will use the video camera to record both their crime and their face. Your friend will prevent the attacker from destroying the video camera, including fighting the attacker if necessary, even with a weapon. Make sure your friend stays on his own property. The other person can call the police if necessary.

Are the attackers black or South Asian? Your post didn't say anything about the races of the attackers or the victims.

Good job to the U.K. for rejecting the voting reform referendum (I am being sarcastic). Now you will be stuck with Conservative/Labour for the rest of your lives and none of this is going to change.

Anonymous said...

He could have obtained a firearms license for £50 and a couple of week's wait, I don't think that the twats throwing bricks would have continued after a couple of warning shots. I live in rural Herefordshire and in the countryside, we use firearms for defence of property and person.