Friday, May 31, 2013

A moment of merriment in the deep darkness

For those not already aware, the Guardian has set up its own coffee shop. Given the initial descriptions encountered over at Guido's I had a hard time believing it wasn't a complete spoof. I couldn't have dreamed up a better parody of everything that's wrong with the Guardian and its dedicated (though now mostly virtual) readership if I'd tried.

But no, apparently it is real.

In these deeply dark times, there is so much chuckleworthy about this development, from the choice of name - a twitter hashtag - '#guardiancoffee' through to the fact that even though it has billed itself as a 'data driven' venue, right in the middle of London's tech city, it doesn't have wifi....

Whilst there are plenty of laughs to be had following the hashtag (incidentally how can such promoters of social media perpetually get it so wrong, apparently forgetting that no one 'owns' a hashtag....), the reviews are where the absolute gold is. Be sure to check out the Vice review. The GQ one is worth a look too though not nearly as cutting as the former.


Dol said...
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Katabasis said...

Too late, I saw it.

I guess you deigned to notice where I'd linked to the Guardian elsewhere.

Shoot first, aim later as usual eh Dan?