Friday, October 04, 2013

"The IPCC is 95% certain that...."

All direct quotes from the 'Summary for Policymakers' - [PDF]

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Daedalus X. Parrot said...

Thanks for that and much admiration is due to you for being able to hold your nose and plough through that IPCC stuff.

I couldn't pursuade myself to do something like that on the grounds that the IPCC, as Christopher Booker pointed out yesterday, is pretty well a biased, warmist-leftist think tank masquerading as an objective, internalional, planet-saving team of super heroes.

I know, I freely admit that I'm a moral coward in situations like that. However I do make up for it by being a complete and utter computer geek and would very happily go through the computer code of the so-called models that form the basis of so much of the IPCC propaganda, sorry, consensual and settled scientific conclusions.

Actually, I did go through some of those leaked Climatgate emails in 2009 or whenever it was (lefties love calling them "stolen emails" but for some reason, never call Bradley Manning's or Edward Snowden's leaks "stolen") and in one email, a fragment of computer code caught my eye by having what is a called "hard codied" series of values which were used to enforce someone's predetermined bias on what should have been a computer model generic rule. This was bad, and computerwise unprofessional in itself but was doubly incompetent or malign by not having any companion documentation (called comments in computer coding) to justify this enforced bias. I know you are a coder yourself and understand this, just saying this for any non-coder readers.

Oh, congrats on being referred to in James Delingpole's latest blog post by the way. Dear god, he gets so many trolls. He must be doing something right if so many warmist zealots troll him so insistently.

Keep up the good work.