Thursday, May 08, 2014

Unite Around Fascism vs UKIP

So, regarding Unite Around Fascism's supreme arseclownery at the UKIP London rally last night -

Everyone going in to the venue was given abuse, told that they were racist bigots blah blah blah. Socialist Worker were actually trying to give leaflets out to attendees telling them they were racist. A black fella stood in the queue next to me started quietly singing 'get some soap, get some soap, get some soap'. I counted three brown faces amongst the UAF mob. There were dozens of ethnic minority attendees in the UKIP contingent. 

Inside, UAF had a string of people inside who attempted heckling (there's an art to this chaps, you really could have made a better effort).

The UAF hecklers were, frankly, amazing though in their own way.

Every single one of them was white.

Almost all of the heckles were aimed at ethnic minority speakers (including calling them "racist").
Extra points go to the very first hecklers who actually looked like skinheads, chanting at mixed race Steven Woolfe that he was a "fake" (wtf?).

Methinks UAF and pals need to immediately go back to the marketing department for a new plan....

I'm pretty sure at one point they tried storming the venue and must have been aggressively moved on by the police. We couldn't hear them at all once inside the venue, except briefly for a moment when all of the security staff rushed for the exit and we heard the clown crew roaring getting louder. By the time we left the venue there was not a single sign they had been there - not one straggler, not even a stupid sign left on the ground and even the barriers had been put away on a truck.

However, if you read the UAF facebook page, they claim to have won some incredible victory and "fought off" numerous "EDL thugs". I'm getting a bit worried about their mental health now. There wasn't a single sign of any such people at the rally, inside or out. Everyone in the queue maintained a dignified calm. The desperate blow hards are now having to make any old shit up.

I'm also still pondering what the white middle class student craptivists were actually trying to communicate in calling ethnic minority UKIP speakers "racist", or "fake". Suffice to say I haven't been coming to any flattering conclusions.

I'll be rolling this story out for years now to anyone who talks to me about UAF and endorses their concentrated fuckwittery.  Remind me again who the real "fascists" are?


Dr Evil said...

I went to the UKIP rally in St Ives last Friday evening. The UAF handed out some leaflets in the car park. None of their idiots got into the rally. To be fair no-one tried. It was ticket only. Farage and the other speakers were on excellent form. We also had a very good bar. There were a number of participants from ethnic minorities. You have to bear in mind that Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, outside of Peterborough and Cambridge, is 'hideously' white.

Katabasis said...

Ah yes that funny old phrase 'hideously white'.

Borderline offensive and when used in seriousness, often unintentionally ironic.

Have you seen the campaign in Haringey - with Labour, Greens and TUSC coming together in an 'alliance' against UKIP? They state one of their main goals is to protect their "multicultural community". The attached picture however is 'hideously white'.

Ian Thorpe said...

Bit late getting to this (I've been busy campaigning for democracy in Europe) I've always said UAF were the most fascistic political organisation in Britain although its close between them and the Anti Nazi League.