Wednesday, May 05, 2010

An appeal to reason

Any of you who have read some of my older posts will know that I'm a fan of thought provoking science-fiction. I find a lot of the narratives contain some very important and topical truths. So I'll communicate my message in this blog via means of two clips from an old favourite, Babylon 5.

Here is the choice you are actually being presented with tomorrow, between the "main" parties:

And what can be done about this? Vote with your heart. Vote for the party who really does, most reflect your values. Most of all - vote for anyone but the 'big three'. We have a chance to give the three heads of the single state party an absolute kicking tomorrow. Tomorrow might be the last chance we have before condemning this country to a permanent and very ungraceful fall:

And the violence spoken of in the video may well come to pass if Labour are pushed over the top tomorrow by their ward structure and a few thousand of their fraudulent postal votes.

If that happens, we are officially living under a tyranny.


Rob F said...

Read your older posts?

I have always been here *Ba-dum-dum-TISH!*.

Katabasis said...


Just remember - the avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.

Anonymous said...

The Truth About Voting